Lobbying on behalf of Illinois wine retailer shipping

I am proud to announce I am lobbying on behalf of Illinois SB 3830. NAWR (National Association of Wine Retailers) is pushing change in Illinois and I am proud to partner with them. NAWR is a great organization that seeks positive change in state alcohol regulatory systems.

We desire to bring more choice to Illinois consumers, and enhance tax revenue for the State of Illinois.

It is time to end the litigation and have the legislature decide how the alcohol regulatory should look like, instead of having judge made decisions determine the fate of our state regulatory system.

See the press release below


1 thought on “Lobbying on behalf of Illinois wine retailer shipping”

  1. Just another attempt to regulate interstate commerce or get money for the state with whatever means?

    Illinois SB 3830 already sounds unconstitutional as Article 1 Section 9 Clause 5 suggests.

    Another concern is the reporting requirement on shipments to individuals. Sounds like a privacy violation already.

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