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Irish Liquor Lawyer speaking to about Kentucky legislation seeking to expand wine shipping

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Kentucky Opens Doors to Wineries

Kentucky might be most famous for Bourbon but this latest legislation stands to benefit wine too.

Total Wine and More goes down to defeat against Connecticut

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 Total Wine and More (Total) filed a lawsuit against Connecticut bringing a facial challenge to Connecticut’s pricing provisions. Total alleged that the pricing provisions created per se violations of the Sherman Antitrust Act Section 1 and thus were preempted by statute.

Total claims that the Connecticut laws eliminate the need for wholesalers to compete […]

Total Wine Loses Minimum Pricing Case Against Connecticut!

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Total Wine’s winning streak against state liquor agencies is in danger as it lost its challenge to Connecticut’s minimum pricing laws. Will it request an en blanc hearing or go directly to the U.S. Supreme Court

I will be writing in more detail about this case later.


The Whole State of Virginia Goes wet

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On two weeks ago I published a post about local government’s losing control over their power to regulate alcohol. Today Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed into law a bill, SB 1110, that would make the whole State of Virginia wet.

Local governments are definitely and rapidly losing control of their powers to regulate alcohol […]

Lyden Henderson and High Style Brewing, a Beer to be Reckoned with!

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Lyden Henderson has an active mind that can’t stop to rest. Starting out work life as a pit boss at a casino, he has risen to become an innovator in the cannabis field. As the COO of High Style Brewing, he is part of a team that is taking the cannabis field by storm.

High Style […]