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Obtaining a liquor license in Illinois
O’Leary Law and Policy Group helps firms navigate through the complex licensing requirements for state and local governments. With various contacts throughout government agencies, we can help clients navigate through a difficult process.

Obtaining a liquor license is never an easy process. The many layers of government and the different legal requirements for each layer, make the process time consuming and difficult.

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Local liquor license
Obtaining a liquor license in Illinois is a two-step process. First, you need to get approval from the local unit of government. This requires you to work with the local town, city, or village officials and meet their requirements.

The process can become complex as different government entities have different license classifications and different rules.

Some localities restrict or sometimes prohibit the sale of alcohol at certain locations. The local rules may become an important factor in determining whether you can operate a profitable business.

State liquor license
After obtaining a local liquor license, you then apply for the state license.
Anyone applying for a state license must meet state eligibility requirements, if you don’t meet these requirements, the state will not issue a license.
Once you meet the eligibility requirements for obtaining a state license. The State of Illinois will issue a liquor license.

Buying an existing business
Buying an existing business with a liquor license presents challenges.
Are there previous governmental restrictions in place that does not allow a bar or restaurant to hold a liquor license after a change in ownership?
Does the previous owner have a record of violations with the city or state which puts the license in jeopardy?
After I purchase the business, when can I start selling alcohol, do I lose the ability to sell until I obtain a brand-new license?

Reaching out
As the goal of the business owner is to build a business and fulfill a dream, liquor licensing should not become a problem for realizing your dream.