Total v. Oklahoma, How Does It Play Out?

By |2024-05-17T19:04:07+00:00May 17th, 2024|Liquor Industry Insights|


Total Wines and More was denied a liquor license by the Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Law Enforcement Commission (ABLE).

The denial was justified by Article 28A §4(A) of the Oklahoma Constitution which states:

“A. A Retail Spirits License shall only be issued to a sole proprietor who has been a resident of this state for at least five […]

Amicus Brief on expanding franchise laws & Commerce Clause discrimination

By |2024-05-13T20:44:41+00:00May 13th, 2024|Liquor Case Discussion|


It may surprise many of my readers that I recently authored an amicus brief, which advocated for the expansion of a state’s franchise rules. It seems at odds with my free-market principles that abhor economic protectionism.

Liquor franchise rules guarantee that a supplier/manufacturer cannot get out of a distribution agreement with a liquor distributor without […]

Mother Ireland will save us but doesn’t go far enough

By |2024-05-08T22:29:36+00:00May 8th, 2024|Liquor Industry Insights|


There is an Irish rebel song called God Save Ireland, which was once an unofficial national anthem of Ireland and is written to those that made great sacrifices for Ireland.  In this modern day there are new self-appointed saviors in Ireland called government officials and Ministers of Health. They have taken to government bureaucracies to […]

Neo-Prohibitionist advertise the harms but miss the intangible benefits

By |2024-04-24T20:29:23+00:00April 24th, 2024|Liquor Industry Insights|


We have recently heard a lot of talk from Neo-Prohibitionist about the dangers of alcohol and from the WHO that health risk starts from the first drop.

Governments in other countries such as Canada have recommended stringent drinking limits and indicated that health is put at risk with more than two drinks a week. In Ireland […]

Chicago’s Downtown Craft Brewery opens

By |2024-04-24T18:20:14+00:00April 24th, 2024|Liquor Industry Insights|

I had the pleasure on April 13th to attend the opening of Downtown Chicago’s Craft Brewery, Industry Ales, which represents the only real craft brewery in downtown Chicago.

I have worked to get them licensed and helped create their brand of “Chicago’s Downtown Beer”.

It has been a great pleasure and honor to be part of this […]

Illinois legislation Update

By |2024-04-12T16:46:41+00:00April 12th, 2024|Legislation|


Previously, I gave a synopsis of important liquor bills in Illinois. Today, I provide an update. There is also a new bill on hemp regulation.

SB 3926-Would ban the sale of hemp products to anyone under 21 and require testing of hemp products. Concerns are arising because when infused with Delta 8, hemp products can become […]

Health risks should be discussed with evidence from all sides

By |2024-04-09T22:18:54+00:00April 9th, 2024|Liquor Industry Insights|


In a recent piece by New York health advocates, they went after any proposed consumer friendly changes to the New York liquor system. They stated that “any efforts to expand alcohol access in the name of consumer convenience, or private profit, should be suspended indefinitely.”

They attempt to strengthen their position by relying on stats […]

Getting serious about alcohol abuse, DTC shipping and data

By |2024-03-19T00:13:57+00:00March 19th, 2024|Liquor Industry Insights|


The harms from excessive alcohol abuse are a serious problem that society needs to address. There are great concerns which range from underage access to intoxicated drivers.

These great concerns are why alcohol is regulated differently than an average consumer good, such as marshmallows.

Luckily, unlike the days of prohibition, we are a more educated society and […]

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