Chicago’s Mandate to Bar and Restaurant Owners: Play Sheriff Now

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Chicago’s Mandate to Bar and Restaurant Owners: Play Sheriff Now

Welcome to Chicago where crime is rampant and businesses and restaurants have been looted and burglarized in the most alarming of ways. Unable to effectively police crime to ensure safety for the hospitality industry, (several restaurant and bar owners have told me off record […]

Response to Teamster Member Against California DTC Distillery Shipping: He’s hurting the little man

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Today, I write in response to a letter from Trevor Cooke, a Teamster that works for Republic National Distributing Company (a major liquor distributor), who wrote against California’s attempts to legalize DTC shipping for spirits.

I am sure Mr. Cooke was well intentioned, but I respectfully disagree with his reasoning.

He indicates that the attempts to expand […]

The Year the Battle Begins

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The Year the Battle begins

2020 and 2021 were interesting years in the liquor world, so what kind of encore will we have in 2022. Only the future will tell, but looking into the crystal ball, I see a year of great activity that could turn the liquor markets into different directions.


Jesus and the three-tier system

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Jesus and the three-tier system

Good Christmas tidings to all. On this festive day as a Catholic, I wanted to write about the reason we celebrate, Jesus Christ.

Around 2,000 years ago, Jesus performed a miracle and turned water into wine and served it to the guest during the Marriage at Cana. We […]

Liquor Shipping and Illinois’ Class 4 folly

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Liquor Shipping and Illinois’ Class 4 folly

Chicago, the greatest of American big cities, makes the news these days based on rampant crime. Unfortunately, smash and grab crimes plague the beautiful Magnificent Mile and high-end luxury stores like Louis Vuitton.

Cook County States Attorney, Kim Foxx will not prosecute a felony retail theft […]

Seventh Circuit Oral Argument

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Seventh Circuit Oral Argument

Last Friday, oral arguments took place before the 7th Circuit, in Chicago Wine Company v. Holcomb, which challenges Indiana’s ban on out-of-state retailers delivering wine into the state or using common carriers to ship product. The delivery challenge is based on a facially discriminatory statute, which allows Indiana […]

Illinois Proposes Coupon and Rebate regulation-taking industry feedback

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The Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) proposed a rule on coupons and rebates as part of its “of value” regulation.

ILCC will be taking industry feedback for a couple of weeks before sending the regulation forward.

I think the industry can provide valuable insight and I already see some issues that should be addressed by a new […]

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