Irish Liquor Lawyer writes U.S. Supreme Court Amicus Brief

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Irish Liquor Lawyer writes an amicus brief in support of the National Association of Wine Retailer’s position that the Supreme Court should grant cert in Sarasota Wine Market v. Schmitt, an Eighth Circuit decision which upheld a lower court decision affirming Missouri’s discriminatory wine shipping law as Constitutional.

The Eighth Circuit held that because Missouri’s law […]

Governor Cuomo and the Cocktail Calamity: The Follow-up Sequel to Cuomo Chips

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Governor Cuomo and the Cocktail Calamity: The Follow-up Sequel to Cuomo Chips

Sometimes it is really hard to follow Governor Andrew Cuomo’s reasoning. Does he desire to make policy choices that hurt the hospitality industry or does it occur on accident?

We all remember back to last summer when his feelings got hurt […]

Illinois makes radical changes with HB2620

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Illinois makes radical changes with HB2620: PART I

The Illinois legislature recently passed HB 2620 which makes some radical changes to the liquor system. These changes include changing Brew Pubs into Class 3 brewers and providing them full retail privileges and self-distribution, allowing for cooperative purchasing agreements, and writing into […]

Irish Liquor Lawyer speaks to NBC 5 Chicago about cocktails to go, a lifeline for the hospitality industry

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Great to know from yesterday’s tv segment that the cocktails-to-go allowance kept several businesses from closing.

With a terrible year where bars and restaurants are coming out of economic hibernation, and will face a difficult economic recovery, it is more imperative that a cocktails-to-go extension bill get signed into law by June 2, 2021.

Without this […]

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