Irish Liquor Lawyer named to the VinePair 50

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Irish Liquor Lawyer, was named to the VinePair 50 today. The VinePair 50 represents people from all walks of life in the industry from mixologists, brand owners, to yes even lawyers. It is gratifying to be recognized by such a great publication in the liquor industry and to be the only lawyer named to […]

Irish Liquor Lawyer writes first column for VinePair

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I am proud to announce that I wrote my first column for VinePair.

The column is about the Uniform Law Commission and its ridiculous endorsement of unconstitutional governmental overreach. The ULC believes achieving policy goals is more important than preserving constitutional principles.

As VinePair is a publication I have great admiration for, I am honored to […]

Irish Liquor Lawyer makes 65th Media appearance as the Lone voice against the ULC

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Hit a milestone with 65th media appearance. Great mention in Blake Gray’s Wine Searcher article about the dangers of the Uniform Law Commission’s Alcohol Direct-Shipping Compliance Act.

Blake recognizes that I was the only one covering this issue and pointing out the dangers involved if this Act got passed.

Great piece which points out the perils […]

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