Irish Liquor Lawyer wins tough two-year battle for retail liquor licensee

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The Illinois Liquor Control Commission’s decision last month reversing Rock Island, Illinois’ denial of a liquor license represented the beginning of the end of a contentious two-year battle. “The Gathering” was issued a liquor license after the Town of Rock Island decided they would no longer fight.


The local government’s power over a liquor […]

Happy birthday Noa Argamani we pray for your return

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We move off of liquor and turn to the hard part of life. Today is the 26th birthday of Noa Argamani, she was taken hostage by Hamas and hasn’t been seen since. We pray for her return and for her family.

May God lead her to safety and she have a rapid and safe return home.

Is this the best liquor conference panel of the year?

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The Blurred Lines in Wine, Beer, and Spirits Panel at the Slainte, Liquor Industry Symposium, can be considered the best panel of the year.

Liquor is changing and the status quo is gone. As change is exciting, it also leaves behind gray areas, areas of opportunities, and great debates and fights in the liquor […]

Irish Liquor Lawyer in Wine Searcher discussing Ohio petition

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Fields of Athenry IMG_0757 (1)

Great to contribute to Blake Gray’s piece on Ohio’s decision to request a stay on the 6th Circuit’s mandate, so they can file a cert petition at the U.S. Supreme Court challenging the 6th Circuit’s decision. Ironically, Ohio’s position is inline with my position, which is that […]

The University of Notre Dame Law School and Future’s Group Slainte symposium, bringing together the best minds in law, academia, and business

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The Notre Dame Law School and Future’s Group is hosting a unique symposium on liquor issues like no other. The symposium will focus not only on legal issues but issues related to investing in the liquor business from a private equity perspective, environmental issues, international trademark laws and global concerns, and a panel with some […]

1st Circuit Goes Concrete in vacating Rhode Island wine retailer case

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The 1st Circuit Court of Appeals in Anvar v. Dwyer (1st circuit decision) affirmed the district court in part, vacated it in part, and remanded for further proceedings.


The 1st Circuit vacated the district court’s decision in very strong terms. It rejected theoretical arguments about essential elements, health and safety, […]

1st Circuit reverses and remands in Rhode Island’s wine retailer shipping case

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The 1st Circuit reversed and remanded a district court decision that upheld Rhode Island’s discriminatory wine retailer shipping law. The court held that to justify the in-state physical presence requirement for retailers, the court needed concrete evidence to justify its position, something the lower court lacked in its opinion.

More to follow later.

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