The FTC’s Liquor Hobson’s Choice

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The FTC, which set its sights on Southern Wine and Spirits is now requesting information from Total Wine and More (Total). Total according to, objected to a civil investigative demand from the FTC on numerous grounds. The FTC is requesting voluminous amounts of data on Total’s dealings with distributors. There has been no indication […]

Blue Cloud must be striking fear into people

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Blue Cloud by its simple presence is sending tremors through the liquor establishment. Nothing demonstrates this more than the rush of legislation to attack them directly.

In Illinois, my state of expertise, two bills seem inspired by this new Blue Cloud phenomenon.

SB2433 deals mainly with non-alcohol merchandise being involved in the sale of alcohol. The […]

Lina Khan’s dangerous liaison into alcohol, it is not just about Southern

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“Those who attempt to level, never equalize.” The great Irish philosopher Edmund Burke.

Many in the industry may be delighted by Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirts (Southern) becoming the target of a FTC investigation, but before drawing your conclusion, one should think about what the implications of the FTC’s action are and […]

Irish Liquor Lawyer responds to WSWA’s response to VinoShipper, Blake Gray, Lettie Teague and all things DTC shipping

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The Beatles – Glass Onion (2018 Mix) – YouTube

The Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) recently penned a piece that tears into supporters of DTC shipping. Specifically, Steven Harrison of VinoShipper, Blake Gray of and Lettie Teague of the Wall Street Journal drew the ire of WSWA.

WSWA concludes the opinions […]

Guess what, surprise Amazon wants to make money!

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McAlpine’s Fusiliers – The Dubliners & Ronnie Drew | Festival Folk (1985) – YouTube

Earlier this week an article in Vice mentioned a confidential document obtained by Motherboard, which demonstrates that Amazon wanted to make an aggressive push into the alcohol space and change alcohol licensing laws in conjunction with a limited government […]

Direct shipping Debate: Divergent Data but somebody is right

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Time For Change (2021- Remaster) – YouTube

The debate over direct-to-consumer (DTC) shipping is heating up. The opponents of DTC shipping believe that DTC access should not expand, because it will lead to increased access for minors obtaining alcohol.

They point to findings from Massachusetts where 96% of DTC licensees investigated accepted DTC […]

Are Labeling Requirements for the Alcohol Industry Misguided?

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Terrifying (Remastered) – YouTube

The TTB recently announced it will begin rulemaking on mandatory ingredient labeling for the alcohol industry. The TTB’s decision was influenced when a group of organizations sued the TTB because it has not acted on a 2003 petition, requesting liquor producers provide similar labeling requirements as food […]

Blue Cloud slotting fees and the so what

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Blue Cloud Slotting fees and the so what


Blue Cloud’s entrance into the liquor space has caused upheaval amongst the three-tier system traditionalist. Amongst their many concerns is the issue of slotting fees.

Slotting fees are illegal in the […]

WSWA’s Glossy Headline may stick but does it address the problem?

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Everyone of us with a vested interest in the liquor field wants to decrease as close as possible to zero, underage drinking. It is an important regulatory concern that every policy decision should take into account.

Recently, influenced by a rapid increase from DTC shipping due to COVID, there comes […]

Is Blue Cloud the New Uber?

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Is Blue Cloud the New Uber?

Uber earned their spurs by challenging regulations throughout the country, which protected cab companies from competition. Cab companies were highly regulated and the barrier to entry to their marketplace was significantly high. In order to get into the market, someone needed to purchase a cab medallion, […]

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