Health risks should be discussed with evidence from all sides

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In a recent piece by New York health advocates, they went after any proposed consumer friendly changes to the New York liquor system. They stated that “any efforts to expand alcohol access in the name of consumer convenience, or private profit, should be suspended indefinitely.”

They attempt to strengthen their position by relying on stats […]

Getting serious about alcohol abuse, DTC shipping and data

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The harms from excessive alcohol abuse are a serious problem that society needs to address. There are great concerns which range from underage access to intoxicated drivers.

These great concerns are why alcohol is regulated differently than an average consumer good, such as marshmallows.

Luckily, unlike the days of prohibition, we are a more educated society and […]

Southern and Blue Cloud and why celebration is misguided

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Blue Cloud, a division of PepsiCo, announced recently that it would no longer distribute liquor. It is shifting away from distribution to concentrate on its brand licensing of Hard Mountain Dew and Lipton Hard Ice Tea.

This in itself seems like a minor occurrence, but the real story is how we got to this crossroads. Attacks […]

Oregon: Kid Gloves for Hard Drugs, the Hammer for Wine

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The Oregon wine industry for the past couple of years has faced attacks from proposed excessive tax increases to a public relations campaign aimed at damaging its brand.

What puzzles me more is while wine has been attacked, Oregon’s most glaring problem has been allowed to fester to the point of becoming an open wound.

Go to […]

Alcohol will come back

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The morose of a down year has bled into Dry January, and alcohol’s brand has suffered some setbacks recently and some of the anti-alcohol campaigns are hard to understand. Especially in light of the fact that cannabis seems to escape these attacks.

The Dry January Movement which is detrimental to the alcohol industry is based on […]

Is blocking DTC shipping really the solution?

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There must be a New York shipping bill floating around the horizon, because there are letters coming out against direct-to-consumer (DTC) shipping in full force. Robert’s Kent, who was General Counsel of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy under Joe Biden, wrote a piece about the dangers of DTC manufacturing shipping. What […]

Wine has a target on its back

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Wine has a target on its back

Wine is usually associated with a positive image from the Greek god of wine, Dionysus, to Jesus turning water into wine at the Wedding at Cana, wine has been associated with good vibes.

When drank in moderation, it was not considered bad for your health.

But this […]

WSWA’s recent study will harm the industry

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WSWA put out another report that will no doubt be used as propaganda to stop and in some cases reverse direct-to-consumer (DTC) shipping for manufacturers and retailers.

WSWA conducted its own poll in partnership with Morning Consult, which shows that 25% of adults they surveyed, who purchased alcohol from an online vendor or manufacturer were […]

Christmas Beer everyone should enjoy

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Birra Nursia is the Christmas beer everyone should enjoy. The Benedictine Monks brew this beer at the original Abbey where Saint Benedict started the order.

Unfortunately, the monastery was greatly damaged by an earthquake several years back. The Monks brew beer to raise funds to repair the monastery grounds.

This Christmas support a great cause and drink […]

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