Wisconsin’s Anti-American Wine Attacks are Troubling

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Recently Wisconsin passed legislation signed into law that represents the greatest attack on the American wine industry in recent times and will cause great harm to American Wines.

The American wine industry is dominated by great wine states such as California, Washington, and Oregon. However, every other state has their niche wine countries and states such […]

Indiana legislation: Happy Hour could come and distributor fight brewing

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The Indiana legislature is making some bold proposals this session. Happy Hour could come back to the Hoosier State if proposed legislation is successful, and hotels would be able to serve complimentary drinks to their guest in areas where alcohol is not sold.

A cocktails-to-go provision was introduced and in the […]

Illinois proposed legislation: liquor delivery, happy hour rules, and distillers

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The legislative season is heating up in Illinois and proposed legislation could drastically impact the liquor regulatory scheme.

Below I provide a summary of the most crucial bills, but before I dive in, I wanted to provide highlights.

A proposed bill would create a third-party retail delivery license and effectively create a 4th […]

Wisconsin, where did it all go wrong?

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In 1973 Irishman and Manchester United great George Best experienced a great fall from grace. At one point he was the best in the world, years later his career was on a downturn. As a waiter was delivering champagne to Mr. Best in his hotel bedroom, he couldn’t help but to say to Mr. Best, […]

Wisconsin is determined to impose a back door ban on wine shipping

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The Supreme Court back in 2005 settled the winery shipping issue in Granholm, when it held that a law permitting in-state wineries to ship to in-state consumers but not affording this same privilege to out-of-state wineries violated the Commerce Clause’s Non-Discrimination Principle.

Although the issue seems settled, wine wholesalers never gave up the fight to restrict […]

Wisconsin law overhauls liquor industry

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The new Wisconsin law signed by the governor results in a major overhaul of its liquor system. The new law creates a new division inside the Wisconsin Department of Revenue dedicated to the liquor industry. The law creates a new statute that defines the power and duties of the division, as it relates to […]

California legislation creates a niche instead of a solution

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California legislation creates a niche instead of a solution

California legislation, AB-495, proposes to loosen the strict rules, which forbid a distilled spirits manufacturer from distributing its own products. Under California law a Distilled Spirits Manufacturer and a Craft Distiller cannot self-distribute their own product, and unlike the wine and beer […]

Illinois makes radical changes with HB2620

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Illinois makes radical changes with HB2620: PART I

The Illinois legislature recently passed HB 2620 which makes some radical changes to the liquor system. These changes include changing Brew Pubs into Class 3 brewers and providing them full retail privileges and self-distribution, allowing for cooperative purchasing agreements, and writing into […]

Cocktails-to-go in Illinois set to expire June 2nd, contact your state rep to extend this right

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Please contact your state representative and ask them to support cocktails-to-go.

Illinois’ cocktails-to-go law is set to expire June 2, 2021. Fortunately, SB104 would extend cocktails-to-go until December 31, 2023.

However, SB104 has not passed the legislature, and if it fails to become law, bars and restaurants lose their privilege to sell cocktails-to-go.

Many bars and restaurants survival depends […]


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There is a trend occurring in the liquor world, where states introduce legislation that looks like states are opening up markets and expanding consumer access to products, but when the layers of the opinion become peeled away, the legislation fails to serve its purpose.

Recently, a bill (HB 2025) was […]

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