NCSLA 2019 New Orleans, Part III: Alcohol Delivery

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A great panel on learning the in and outs of the alcohol delivery world. Although alcohol makes up a small percentage of delivery revenue and often times is a loss leader, it plays a major role for delivery companies. Consumers demand this service and without it, they will not shop […]

NCSLA 2019 New Orleans, Part II: Change in the Dynamics of the Three Tier System

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Change in THE Dynamics of the Three Tier System


The big question we need to ask is, what are the practical effects of what is happening in the world today?

A lively panel on the ever-changing world of liquor and the debate raged on about how should our legal system adapt to this […]

NCSLA 2019 New Orleans, Part I: Ethics Panel

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Panelists: RUSSELL THOMAS, Executive Director, Tennessee ABCC

SEAN O’LEARY, President, O’Leary Law & Policy Group, LLC, Elmhurst IL

ANNA HIRAI, Assistant Administrator, Honolulu Liquor Commission

ADENA SANTIAGO, Senior Counsel, Husch Blackwell LLP, Washington, DC


The one […]

Irish Liquor Lawyer Moderated Panel on the Future of the 21st Amendment

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I want to thank the Federalist Society for allowing me to put on a panel about the Future of the 21st Amendment.

It was an honor to moderate this panel which featured two great legal minds well versed in 21st Amendment issues.

Professor Alex Tanford, constitutional law Professor […]

NCSLA Central/Western Regional Conference 2019, Portland, Part III

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Cannabis: Higher Education


Rebecca Stamey-White, Partner, Hinman & Carmichael LLP


Rick Garza, Director, Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board

Steve Marks, Executive Director, Oregon Liquor Control Commission

Lori Ajax, Chief, California Bureau of Cannabis Control


This was a great panel that talked about a lot of wide ranging issues in the cannabis industry from the difficulties in setting […]

NCSLA Central/Western Regional Conference 2019, Portland, Part II

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We heard “daddy” from the back of the room, little did we know that Brendan O’Leary actually had his hand up for a question and wanted to be heard.

The Rise of the Retail Tier and the Impact of Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailers Association […]

NCSLA Central/Western Regional Conference 2019, Portland, Part I

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Sponsorship Agreements


Carrie Bonnington, Partner, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, LLP


Matthew Botting, General Counsel, California ABC

Susan Johnson, Partner, Stoel Rives LLP

Michael Feldman, General Counsel, Levy Restaurants and Former General Counsel to a Minor League baseball team in Chicago

Another great panel by Carrie Bonnington dealing with sponsorships. Most of the discussion focused on the sponsorship […]

NCSLA Louisville 2019, Part III: Legal Update: Why Regulation Matters, Richard Blau

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A great solo panel by Richard Blau. I don’t know how he does it by himself, lots of stamina and lots of work, but he always pulls it off!


A great presentation by Richard Blau who always raises great points.

I think the takeaways are about relevance and how relevance must be an important part […]

NCSLA 2019 Louisville, Part II: Understanding 3rd party arrangements

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Do I really Understand (How to Get Product to Consumers) APs, Custom Production, Fulfillment Houses, and Brand Building?

Moderator: Carrie Bonnington

Panelists: Laine Adderley; Paul Gatza; and Tom Kirby.

A great panel moderated by Carrie Bonnington who always does an amazing job moderating a panel.

This panel had an interesting perspective, it dealt with issues […]

NCSLA 2019 Louisville, Part I: Is Temperance Dead or Dormant?

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This panel looked at whether temperance was dead or dormant as a justification for liquor regulations and statutes.

The panel consisted of Lester Jones an Economist with the National Beer Wholesalers Association; Sean O’Leary (The Irish Liquor Lawyer), President of O’Leary Law and Policy Group, LLC; Alyssa Wolfe, Acting Counsel to the Director of the […]

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