Happy birthday Noa Argamani we pray for your return

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We move off of liquor and turn to the hard part of life. Today is the 26th birthday of Noa Argamani, she was taken hostage by Hamas and hasn’t been seen since. We pray for her return and for her family.

May God lead her to safety and she have a rapid and safe return home.

Honoring the Life of Chicago Hospitality Legend Eamonn Vaughan

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Irish Liquor Lawyer mourns the passing of Chicago Hospitality Legend and great friend Eamonn Vaughan.

Eamonn Vaughan, in a life cut way too short, lived the American Dream to its fullest. He came to America from Ireland as a teenager. Together with his partner and brother Kevin, they built a chain of well respected bars and […]

Minnie Minoso Elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

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Caption: Minnie getting a hit at 50.

This is my first and probably only non-liquor post. I am ecstatic about the election of Minnie Minoso to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Anyone that ever met Minnie was struck by the size of his smile and his gracious nature. He probably led the league in conversations with […]

Happy Passover to my Jewish Friends: I hope you can get the Kosher Wine you desire

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I want to wish a Happy Passover to all my Jewish Friends.

Such a great celebration to commemorate the liberation of the Children of Israel who were led out of Egypt by Moses.

Enjoy your Seder meal!

But also remember those of the Jewish Faith in states without a predominant Jewish population. Because of restrictive wine shipping laws […]

Illinois issues bulletin on to-go sales and delivery of pre-mixed cocktail sales. Why I respectfully disagree

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Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) issued guidance on March 29th on whether bars and restaurants could sell cocktails to-go and for delivery in their non-original package. ILCC decided that it would not make an exception during this emergency and allow for to-go cocktail sales.

The COVID-19 crisis has thrown another wrinkle into the system, […]

Illinois restaurant industry members petititon to allow mixed beverage off premise sales

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Come on everyone we are almost there to 2,500 signatures. Take a moment out of your day to support the restaurant industry.

Dedicated members of the Illinois restaurant industry have started a petition to allow mixed beverage off-premise sales as a way to support the industry during this difficult time.

As well-renowned restaurateur Rick Bayless states ” […]

Illinois Liqour Control Commission issues order authorizing off premise sales with consent of locals

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The Illinois Liquor Control Commission ordered guidance which based on the COVID-19 situation, would allow an on-premise retailer to sell liquor for off premise consumption if it receives approval from the local liquor commission.

Traditionally, a retailer with an on-premise license can not sell liquor for off premise consumption.

This bulletin allows the local liquor commission to […]

Irish Liquor Lawyer as an Amicus party to the 6th Circuit Wine Shipping Case

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I am proud to announce that I will be involved in the 6th Circuit wine retailer shipping case, Lebamoff v. Snyder, as an amicus party.

This is the first major wine retailer shipping case since the U.S. Supreme Court’s Tennessee Wine decision.  Lebamoff will provide great insight into the direction wine shipping cases are going. Presently, there are […]

Lobbying on behalf of Illinois wine retailer shipping

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I am proud to announce I am lobbying on behalf of Illinois SB 3830. NAWR (National Association of Wine Retailers) is pushing change in Illinois and I am proud to partner with them. NAWR is a great organization that seeks positive change in state alcohol regulatory systems.

We desire to bring more choice to Illinois consumers, […]

Mississippi Wine Express Case: This arbitrary decision will have consequences that resonate

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Mississippi Wine Express Decision


The decision from the Mississippi Wine Express case sets a bad precedent in utilizing ambiguity to impose legal jurisdiction over a business. The results of the decision will hurt Mississippi consumers and could lead to businesses avoiding interaction with Mississippi residents. The lack of concrete standards utilized […]

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