Cocktails-to-go ordinance passes

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Cocktails-to-go ordinance passes unanimously out of Chicago City Council Committee

Chicago’s City Council Committee on License and Consumer Protection unanimously passed out of committee a Cocktails to Go Ordinance. 

The ordinance is poised to be voted on June 17th, and I don’t see any problem with it passing. An over 2/3rds vote means the […]

Cocktails-To-Go signed, sealed and delivered into law in Illinois

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Cocktails-To-Go signed into law in Illinois

Governor Pritzker signed cocktails-to-go into law in Illinois. Which would allow bars and restaurants in Illinois to sell cocktails-to-go. Craft brewers are not allowed to sell cocktails-to-go in Illinois.

Chicago says they will delay implementation of cocktails-to-go at least until the City Council meets on June 17th. Naperville which has […]

Irish Liquor Lawyer speaks advocacy and lobbying with Good Beer Hunting

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It was great speaking to Kate Bernot of Good Beer Hunting about advocating for cocktails-to-go legislation.

We had a great movement and a great cause. I am especially grateful to work with Julia Momose and Ian Beacraft.

Advocacy and lobbying can be frustrating and sometime disheartening, but having a great team and representing a great cause […]

Illinois Passes Cocktails-To-Go, the Sudden Success of a Great Grass Roots Movement

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Illinois Passes Cocktails-To-Go, the Sudden Success of a Great Grass Roots Movement

The Illinois legislature resoundingly passed cocktails-to-go last Saturday. The legislation’s passage represented a great victory for the struggling Illinois hospitality community. And on Tuesday Governor Pritzker said he will sign it when the clerk presents him the bill.

With any legislation passing, especially one […]

Great Talking to Fox Chicago about cocktails to go success and the need for Chicago to make this legal

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Great celebrating our victory and advocating for the Illinois Hospitality Industry today on Fox Chicago’s Good Day Chicago Program. 

Getting cocktails-to-go for the struggling hospitality industry and helping them survive is a cause I am dedicated to.

Here is a quote from the interview: “We can’t let these restaurants die off because it will kill a […]

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