Getting serious about alcohol abuse, DTC shipping and data

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The harms from excessive alcohol abuse are a serious problem that society needs to address. There are great concerns which range from underage access to intoxicated drivers.

These great concerns are why alcohol is regulated differently than an average consumer good, such as marshmallows.

Luckily, unlike the days of prohibition, we are a more educated society and […]

Wisconsin’s fix, does not cure the problem

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Wisconsin’s amended liquor legislation made some positive changes but major problems still exist. Recently Wisconsin amended SB 268 so that revocation of a common carrier’s permit after two mistakes is no longer the standard. The new legislation changes the mandatory “shall” standard to the “may” discretionary standard.

However, even with this positive amendment, this law […]

Wisconsin’s Anti-American Wine Attacks are Troubling

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Recently Wisconsin passed legislation signed into law that represents the greatest attack on the American wine industry in recent times and will cause great harm to American Wines.

The American wine industry is dominated by great wine states such as California, Washington, and Oregon. However, every other state has their niche wine countries and states such […]

Great Constitutional Alcohol Debate occurring in Chicago

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I am pleased to announce that the Great Constitutional Alcohol Debate: Does the 21st Amendment usurp the Commerce Clause is happening in Chicago on March 14th.

The debate will be between Alex Tanford and Brannon Denning.

Alex Tanford is a Professor Emeritus at Indiana University School of Law. He was part of the victorious legal team in […]

Indiana legislation: Happy Hour could come and distributor fight brewing

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The Indiana legislature is making some bold proposals this session. Happy Hour could come back to the Hoosier State if proposed legislation is successful, and hotels would be able to serve complimentary drinks to their guest in areas where alcohol is not sold.

A cocktails-to-go provision was introduced and in the […]

Illinois proposed legislation: liquor delivery, happy hour rules, and distillers

By |2024-02-08T20:28:47+00:00February 8th, 2024|Legislation|



The legislative season is heating up in Illinois and proposed legislation could drastically impact the liquor regulatory scheme.

Below I provide a summary of the most crucial bills, but before I dive in, I wanted to provide highlights.

A proposed bill would create a third-party retail delivery license and effectively create a 4th […]

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