Cocktails-to-go has a target on its back: Beware Hospitality Industry

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Cocktails-to-go has a target on its back

Cocktails-to-go is a saving grace for many bars and restaurants and has allowed them to operate without closing their doors. Also, workers previously furloughed because of the COVID-19 crisis, were brought back to work because of the extra income cocktails-to-go generated for bars and restaurants.

Although […]

Review of Irish Liquor Lawyer’s U.S. Supreme Court amicus brief

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Review of Irish Liquor Lawyer’s U.S. Supreme Court amicus brief

As promised, I am providing a summary review of my amicus brief and why the U.S. Supreme Court should grant cert in Lebamoff v. Whitmer.

Judge Sutton in Lebamoff v. Whitmer, a case which challenged Michigan’s discriminatory wine shipping law, got it wrong. […]

Irish Liquor Lawyer Exclusive: Ohio sued for discriminatory wine shipping law

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Today a lawsuit was filed against Ohio, Ohio Wine Shipping Lawsuit, based on its wine retailer shipping law, which allows in-state retailers to ship to Ohio consumers, but denies this privilege to out-of-state retailers.

This suit is based on Ohio’s law violating the Commerce Clause’s Non-Discrimination principle.

It was only recently the State of Ohio announced […]

Irish Liquor Lawyer in Wine Spectator

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I am honored to be a contributor to a Wine Spectator article about Ohio’s recent enforcement action, where Ohio filed for a federal injunction under the Twenty-first Amendment Enforcement Act against numerous online businesses.

As states will become more aggressive towards wine shipping, we should expect the states to up their game. Direct to […]

U.S. Supreme Court cert petition filed in wine retailer shipping case

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Today, a Cert petition was filed with the U.S. Supreme Court requesting they hear an appeal on the 6th Circuit’s decision in Lebamoff v. Snyder. The 6th Circuit upheld Michigan’s out-of-state wine retailer shipping ban by reversing a District Court’s decision, which held that Michigan’s law violated the Commerce Clause’s nondiscrimination principle.

Ohio Attorney General Utilizes 21st Amendment Enforcement Act against & Wine Country Gift Baskets

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21st Amendment Enforcement Act is alive and well

In what may be a first in recent memory, the Ohio AG Dave Yost is utilizing the Twenty-first Amendment Enforcement Act to file a preliminary injunction in federal court to stop certain retailers from shipping wine and spirits into the state.

The specific retailers named in […]

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