WSWA’s recent study will harm the industry

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WSWA put out another report that will no doubt be used as propaganda to stop and in some cases reverse direct-to-consumer (DTC) shipping for manufacturers and retailers.

WSWA conducted its own poll in partnership with Morning Consult, which shows that 25% of adults they surveyed, who purchased alcohol from an online vendor or manufacturer were […]

Happy New Year

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An early Happy New Year to my readers! 2023 has been a crazy year, but with the craziness has come great successes. Irish Liquor Lawyer in 2023 was read in every continent except Antarctica and was read in well over a 100 countries.

I was cited in the media this year by the Wall Street Journal, […]

Wisconsin, where did it all go wrong?

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In 1973 Irishman and Manchester United great George Best experienced a great fall from grace. At one point he was the best in the world, years later his career was on a downturn. As a waiter was delivering champagne to Mr. Best in his hotel bedroom, he couldn’t help but to say to Mr. Best, […]

Irish Liquor Lawyer in Wine Spectator

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What a great way to finish off the year. Great to be part of Wine Spectator’s fantastic piece on the new lawsuit challenging California’s law that allows its wineries to sell directly to retailers, but denies this same privilege to out-of-state wineries.  The piece includes two direct quotes from me.

“From a legal perspective, these […]

Irish Liquor Lawyer’s Tequila Brand recognized in Best Spirits award for 2023

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I am honored to announce that a brand in which I hold a distinct ownership interest is recognized in the 50 Best Spirits list of 2023.

Vinepair comes up with a list each year of the best spirits across all different categories. Thousands of bottles are tasted and only the elite few make the cut.

El […]

Wisconsin is determined to impose a back door ban on wine shipping

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The Supreme Court back in 2005 settled the winery shipping issue in Granholm, when it held that a law permitting in-state wineries to ship to in-state consumers but not affording this same privilege to out-of-state wineries violated the Commerce Clause’s Non-Discrimination Principle.

Although the issue seems settled, wine wholesalers never gave up the fight to restrict […]

Christmas Beer everyone should enjoy

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Birra Nursia is the Christmas beer everyone should enjoy. The Benedictine Monks brew this beer at the original Abbey where Saint Benedict started the order.

Unfortunately, the monastery was greatly damaged by an earthquake several years back. The Monks brew beer to raise funds to repair the monastery grounds.

This Christmas support a great cause and drink […]

The three-tier system is hurting American wineries

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A paper published by the Craft Wine Association[1] shockingly demonstrates that American wines are being pushed out of the marketplace in favor of imported wines.

The three-tier system which prides itself on offering diverse product offerings is skewing towards imported products at the expense of American wineries.

The report contains many shocking details such as […]

The Success of the Inaugural Notre Dame Slainte Wine, Beer, & Spirits Industry Symposium

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The inaugural Notre Dame Slainte Wine, Beer, & Spirits Industry Symposium finished ten days ago and it was a resounding success. The whole mix from the programming, the food, the wine, and the hospitality, to the people who attended, it all worked.

I never thought I would become involved in planning and starting a conference from […]

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