Great friend and colleague John Hinman, His Excellency Czech Ambassador to the US, Miloslav Stasek, and Irish Liquor Lawyer

It was a distinct honor to meet the Czech Ambassador to the U.S. Miloslav Stasek. His excellency greeted us with graciousness and kindness.

My friend and colleague, John Hinman and I had the pleasure of discussing the U.S. Liquor industry with Czech officials, including members of parliament and government ministers, here on a mission to visit the U.S.  Our Czech friends gave us insight into their great country. It was a true cultural exchange! I think they found our liquor system interesting.

Despite a tough history that saw the Czech people being ruled by the Nazis and then Stalinist Russia, the Czech people came out of oppression ready to build a great nation. They have succeeded with flying colors! God Bless a great nation.


After a wonderful time in Washington DC it is back to the grind!


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