Here is an explanation on my adventures with the United States Supreme Court yesterday. I posted yesterday around 1:30pm that the court granted cert in the Byrd v. Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailers case. Around 2:30pm I had to repost on my blog that the link to the page that granted cert disappeared, mysteriously. Here is the link:

I called the Supreme Court clerk’s office and they refused to acknowledge that cert was granted in Byrd v. Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailers. Further, they stated that they could not tell me until Monday whether cert was granted. Obviously I couldn’t wait that long!

After frantically doing work, I obtained a pdf acknowledging that cert was granted.

Subsequently the Supreme Court put on another link showing that cert was granted:

So how do you explain all this? If you look at the certs granted all of them are hold over cases, except Byrd which is the only case from 2018, and since the Supreme Court term doesn’t start until Monday October 1st, it seems someone made an honest mistake in the clerk’s office and let the cat out of the bag early. Just my opinion on this matter.

I strive to provide the most accurate and updated information to my audience and clients. I strive to provide them information as soon I have access to it. But before providing speed, I always check for accuracy.

Yesterday, even though the link disappeared, I was confident that what I was providing was accurate. It was a matter of whether the information was being pulled back by the Court. Thankfully another link was provided that proved that cert was granted in Byrd v.Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailers.

All is well, that ends well!

Crazy times, I wouldn’t believe this, if I didn’t experience it!