With the wine retailer shipping cases coming to different results and the 6th Circuit seemingly splitting itself into two sides on this same issue, the issue of whether the 21st Amendment or the Commerce Clause reigns supreme has become hotly contested.

If politics and marriage makes strange bedfellows, then people that think alike on liquor issues carries this numerous degree further. People of the same political point of view disagree on this issue and even stranger, they come to agreement with people that are most often times political adversaries.

With all this background, there will be an open debate, which will examine the complexities of these complicated issues.

The debate will feature Alex Tanford, who brought the Granholm challenges to the U.S. Supreme Court and was victorious in legalizing interstate winery shipping. Presently, he is bringing numerous lawsuits challenging laws, which discriminate against wine retailer shipping. He believes in the Commerce Clause’s supremacy over the 21st Amendment.

On the side is Sarah Welch, an Associate at Jones Day, who also clerked for Judge Jeffery Sutton of the 6th Circuit, Judge William Pryor of the 11th Circuit, and Justice Brett Kavanaugh of the United States Supreme Court. She is well versed on liquor issues, and believes in the supremacy of the 21st Amendment over the Commerce Clause. Being an Ohioan and well versed on the 6th Circuit, Sarah brings an interesting perspective of the split decisions from the 6th Circuit.

I will be moderating the debate.

The registration link is below.