The Notre Dame Law School and Future’s Group is hosting a unique symposium on liquor issues like no other. The symposium will focus not only on legal issues but issues related to investing in the liquor business from a private equity perspective, environmental issues, international trademark laws and global concerns, and a panel with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the liquor industry.

Please see the great panels and speakers, on each panel are some of the best minds in the legal and business community.

Industry leaders from major liquor companies and private investment firms will present. The Notre Dame law school faculty will be involved in the symposium and numerous professors will participate in the panels.

The panels will contain people with differing perspectives, who will engage in healthy debates on issues such as direct shipping and the entry of major industry players like major soft drink and juice manufacturers that are entering the market and upsetting the applecart.

This great symposium, will lead to building a community in the center of the country to develop intellectual capital for the liquor industry. No other symposium is bringing together the best minds in law, business, and academia.

Law schools across the country severely lack a focus on liquor law, and the industry has nowhere to turn in developing great talent. By building a robust community drawing talent from every region of the country, this will change the game. Students who are interested in the industry will be invited to be part of the symposium.

Notre Dame’s prestige as an internationally recognized university and its geographic location in the center of the country provides a great forum for meeting this vision.

Come support the beginning of a new community and help it flourish and grow, the liquor industry will exponentially benefit from the growth of this community.