Big City Fights May Emerge in the Wine Shipping Game

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Big City Fights May Emerge in the Wine Shipping Game

After years of budget mismanagement that is only getting worse, Chicago decided to expand its tax base by imposing its liquor tax on Direct To Consumer (DTC) winery shipments into the state. The new tax will treat a direct wine shipper like any retailer […]

Webinar on Illinois’ new cocktails-to-go law: Tomorrow at 1

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Cocktails-For-Hope is hosting a free webinar tomorrow at 1:00 pm central time on the new Illinois cocktails-to-go law. The panel includes Julia Momose of Kumiko and Cocktails-For-Hope, Ian Beacraft Co-Founder Cocktails-For-Hope, Lindsey Lapointe, Illinois State Representative, who co-sponsored and drafted the bill, and myself, Irish Liquor Lawyer, Sean O’Leary.

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I ask for one more favor for cocktails-to-go

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I ask for one more favor for cocktails-to-go


When I started working with Cocktails-For-Hope three months ago, I could not imagine the tremendous and positive impact we would have on the Illinois hospitality industry.

We changed the law and made in possible for many bars and restaurants to access the income stream necessary to […]

Cocktails-To-Go Passes Illinois Legislature: Waits for the Governor’s signature

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Cocktails-To-Go Bill Passes in Illinois!

The Illinois Legislature passed a bill that would allow the sale of cocktails-to-go, it awaits the governor’s signature to become law. I have been heavily involved in advocating for and drafting this legislation, if you have any questions please contact me at (312) 535-8380 or

Here are the particulars of […]

Support SB3830 Illinois Wine Retailer shipping Bill: It brings in needed revenue and impacts safety during COVID-19 Crisis

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Senate Bill 3830 which would bring out-of-state wine retailer shipping to Illinois, should be passed in light of the COVID-19 crisis. This bill is necessary to help Illinois’ budget, ensures Illinois residents are safe, and meets consumer demand and preferences.

The COVID-19 crisis has blown a hole in Illinois’ budget and allowing out-of-state wine retailer shipping […]

Cocktails-For-Hope wants to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the People of Illinois

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Cocktails-For-Hope wants to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the People of Illinois

The mission of the Illinois Liquor Control Commission is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the People of the State of Illinois. Cocktails-For-Hope, which wants to expand alcoholic liquor delivery and takeout privileges to allow bars and restaurants to […]

Kentucky wine, beer, and spirits shipping bill becomes law

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Kentucky’s Liquor Shipping Bill has become law. This bill is limited solely to producers and does not include retailers.

Here are some of the specific.

The bill allows beer and wine producers to ship up to 10 cases per month to a consumer and 10 liters of spirits per month to a consumer.

Keep in mind that anyone […]

Proposed Illinois Liquor Taxes Defeated

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The proposed Illinois liquor taxes that would have increased taxes on wine and spirits nearly fifty percent was defeated. A leading Illinois industry member indicated that the tax increases would not go through. Initially the taxes were proposed as a way to pay for Governor J.B. Pritzker’s capital plan.

As I indicated early, if passed and […]

Illinois: When and Why Cannabis will pass and successful Liquor bills

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The Illinois legislature is adjourning in a week and today several liquor bills passed both houses including a bill that creates a distiller pub license. Interesting enough, a bill that would make changes to the existing brew pub license did not get called for a vote today and its deadline was extended for […]

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