Illinois: When and Why Cannabis will pass and successful Liquor bills

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The Illinois legislature is adjourning in a week and today several liquor bills passed both houses including a bill that creates a distiller pub license. Interesting enough, a bill that would make changes to the existing brew pub license did not get called for a vote today and its deadline was extended for […]

Raising Liquor Taxes in Illinois will become an absolute folly

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Governor J.B. Pritzker proposed increasing liquor taxes as a way to pay for his capital plan. His proposed plan would increase the tax on beer from 23.1 cents to 27.7 cents per gallon, would increase the tax on wine from $1.39 to $2.05 per gallon, and would increase the tax on spirits from $8.55 to […]

Are Crafts looking to kill the pubs in Illinois?

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There is a theory out there, that is actually backed up by statistics, that the presence of craft brewers is hurting bars and taverns. An article on this subject cites Bureau of Labor statistics that the number of “on-premise drinking establishments have decreased by 6.3% since 2010.[1]

Bar/tavern owners are starting to take notice […]

Proposed Illinois Liquor Legislation

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Introduction to Proposed Illinois Legislation

Included are the vast majority of Illinois liquor bills so far introduced this session.

The craft distillers are busy! They are requesting full retail privileges, self-distribution privileges, increases in the amount they can serve in their tasting rooms, and up to 500,000 gallons in storage capacity.

This last number seems […]

Proposed Illinois Liquor Legislation

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Friends, welcome to my first blog post. In this blog I will provide valuable information on the liquor and hospitality industry. Never hesitate to contact me or engage me!

This first post represents a synopsis of some of the major Illinois liquor bills introduced. This is not an exhaustive list of bills introduced.

In the bills featured, […]

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