Please contact your state representative and ask them to support cocktails-to-go.

Illinois’ cocktails-to-go law is set to expire June 2, 2021. Fortunately, SB104 would extend cocktails-to-go until December 31, 2023.

However, SB104 has not passed the legislature, and if it fails to become law, bars and restaurants lose their privilege to sell cocktails-to-go.

Many bars and restaurants survival depends on cocktails-to-go. If SB104 fails to become law, this would devastate a hospitality industry which faced their worst year ever and is still recovering

The hospitality industry has changed, and carryout and delivery will become a significant part of our business. Offering cocktails-to-go will determine whether many businesses can prosper.

When you consider how to vote on SB104, think about the hospitality industry, the workers, their families, the people that run a family business, and the great contribution restaurants make to our culture and to our economy.

We thank you for your consideration, and we ask you to support the hospitality industry and vote to extend cocktails-to-go.