Illinois legislation proposes to open up shipping markets and expand brew pub privileges

Newly introduced legislation in Illinois proposes to expand shipping markets and increase privileges for brew pubs.

Brew Pubs

Under current Illinois law, brew pubs, which maintain full retail privileges, cannot self-distribute their products to retailers. New legislation proposes to allow brew pubs self-distribution privileges of up to 6,200 gallons of beer. They may sell to retail licensees within a 10-mile radius of a brew pub’s premises, if they are located within Chicago and within a 50-mile radius of a brew pub’s premises if they are located outside of Chicago.

Any brew pub desiring self-distribution privileges must also comply with specific reporting requirements.

Brew pubs would also obtain delivery privileges, the legislation does not provide distance limitations on delivery of product to customers.

In addition, this legislation allows distilling pubs the ability to deliver.

Expanded shipping

The Legislation proposes to create a Brewery and Distiller’s shipping license. Presently, Brewers and Distillers can not ship to Illinois customers. To comply with Granholm requirements, the law would open up brewery and distillery shipping markets to out-of-state brewers and distillers.

Brewers and distillers would need to comply with specific reporting requirements.

What it all means?

This is the boldest liquor legislation I’ve seen in Illinois. The legislation proposes to radically open up shipping markets and provide greater privileges for the craft brewery industry.

COVID has changed many people’s minds about alcohol and how they buy. Pre-COVID this legislation would never have been introduced.

But we live in a different world now, this will become a battle royale and should make for interesting theater. Nevertheless, whether the legislation succeeds or fails this session, the cat is out of the bag and trending away from the traditional, strict three-tier system.