I must admit it, I am having a great Saturday morning in lock down, mainly for two reasons.

For the first time, I contributed to Wine Spectator, which is the top publication on the wine industry in America. It is a great honor to be discussing the 6th Circuit’s decision on the Michigan wine shipping law. Wine Spectator’s analysis is top notch and being trusted as a contributor is very rewarding. My contributions to Wine Spectator.

Second, it is the second anniversary of my business. After a hard first year, my business is doing well. I am grateful for my clients who believe in me and trust my counsel. It is a true privilege to represent my clients and I always enjoy fighting for them. They are my top priority!

I look forward to the third anniversary and playing a major role in the direct to consumer industry.

Thank you all who supported me throughout the years. There are too many to list and I am afraid I will miss someone inadvertently. But without your support, my firm could not enjoy its success!