The Great Guy LaFleur dies, I can’t celebrate this life properly

In my formative years of watching hockey, I had two favorite players, the great Tony Esposito and Montreal Canadiens legend, Guy LaFleur.

I am saddened by his passing and I pray for him and his family. Along with mourning his death, I want to celebrate his life and what he brought to hockey fans and the people of Quebec.

Like many Irish people, I am taught to also celebrate a life well lived and cherish the happy moments.

I intend to get together in Chicago with another Irishman Mike Sullivan and have a couple of drinks and celebrate a legend we grew up with.

My alcohol of choice to celebrate with, a bottle of Chateau LaFleur from my year of birth, I intended to get it sent to Mike’s place in Chicago, until I found out an inconvenient fact, there are no Chateau LaFleur bottles for that year carried by Illinois retailers. The best I can do is procure the bottle from retailer in California or New York.

But unfortunately, Illinois wine retailer shipping laws preclude me from having the wine shipped from a retailer in another state. I would need to fly or drive to California or New York to procure this specific bottle

Although I demand the product and the out-of-state retailer can supply the product, Illinois state liquor laws put a fence around Illinois and preclude me from getting my hands on a bottle of the Chateau LaFleur, I wanted!

It is a shame that I want to celebrate in a unique way a man that brought me much entertainment and joy as a youngster, and that is taken away from me.

This situation is another example where protectionist state liquor laws hamper our desires as consumers. Wine more than any alcohol has special meaning to people. To some it has a religious meaning, to some it has a family meaning, and to some it has a sentimental meaning. And to some you better be lucky to live in a state that allows you access to the special wine you desire!

I laughed when I thought about, I want to buy alcohol and the law won’t allow me to do it. What am I eighteen!

This weekend, I will still celebrate a life well lived, but the celebration will not be complete, as my state liquor laws preclude me from fulfilling my wishes!

Rest in peace Guy, you were a legend and meant so much to the people of Quebec. I will still celebrate your life and mourn your passing; it just won’t be done in the way I want it!