Recently I wrote about how the Illinois cocktails-to-go issue is confusing to people in the hospitality industry and is causing problems based on potentially different messages. Cocktails-to-go policy is confusing 

Based on a bulletin from the ILCC, some in the hospitality industry believe that there is a right to local control due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, and they may have sold cocktails-to-go based on this reliance.

It seems that Governor J.B. Pritzker may believe that there is a right to local control on this issue.

According to a tweet from Kenny Marlatt of the Chicago Tribune, Governor Pritzker was asked by Block Club Chicago about bars wanting to sell to-go cocktails.

Marlatt’s tweet indicates that “He said he didn’t think selling cocktails to-go was a state issue.”

We hope that the governor’s statement will open the door to local control over the cocktails-to-go issue.

There is confusion reigning in the marketplace and more importantly, bars and restaurants badly need the revenue and the state and local governments badly need the tax dollars!