Caption: Minnie getting a hit at 50.

This is my first and probably only non-liquor post. I am ecstatic about the election of Minnie Minoso to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Anyone that ever met Minnie was struck by the size of his smile and his gracious nature. He probably led the league in conversations with the common man.

Minnie was the first Black Cuban player in the majors. He spent some of his best years in the Negro League, as his career was delayed due to racism. Excluding a great human being like Minnie from the league based on racism, shows how ugly racism actually is.

Further, Minnie led the league almost every year in hit by pitches, although he crowded the plate, many believe, this to was due to racism and him being one of the first black ball players.

In the end, Minnie overcame and was one of the happiest human beings you ever met.

Minnie Minoso was the first White Sox autograph I got as a kid. And like many White Sox fans, he held a special place in our heart. I talked with him in 2006 when he was passed over for the Hall of Fame, I was upset more than him!

He put down his chicken wings, wiped off his face and said, “my friend I am a blessed man, and live in a great country, I am happy no matter what happens.”

That was Minnie Minoso, always making others happy.

And yes today he did it again, but I must admit, I am a little sad that he won’t get to be there to speak to the world. It would find out what us White Sox fans have known for years, there is only one Minnie Minoso