The City of Chicago announced that starting tomorrow restaurants and bars can operate at 75% occupancy. Six feet social distancing must be maintained.

Licensees in Chicago can operate within their regular liquor license hours.

Table/party sizes can be increased 10 per table.

Seating at bar/counters is limited to 6 per party indoors and outdoors

Standing areas may be opened to 25% capacity

Social events can increase to 250 people indoors and 500 people outdoors.

Chicago is also offering a Vaccine Exemption program that allows bars/restaurants to increase the table or party size above ten, if all patrons are 16+ age and are fully vaccinated. And also to increase seating limits at bars beyond the six person limit.

A Business choosing to take advantage of the Vaccine Exemption will be expected to verify that patrons are fully vaccinated and track which customers are exempt from capacity limits to ensure compliance. Included is a FAQ on the vaccine exemption program,

Finally, here is the press release from Chicago.