Happy 3rd birthday to the mascot of Irish Liquor Lawyer. In action with Dad’s Amicus Brief in hand and a Dinosaur tattoo on his arm!

Irish Liquor Lawyer files his first ever U.S. Supreme Court amicus brief in the Lebamoff v. Whitmer, wine shipping from the 6th Circuit.

The 6th Circuit in Lebamoff  reversed a lower court decision which held that Michigan’s discriminatory wine shipping law was unconstitutional.

The 6th Circuit’s decision was appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court and the Supreme Court has yet to make a decision on granting cert.

The amicus brief focused on how the erroneous aspects of the 6th Circuit’s decision, do not agree with U.S. Supreme Court precedents and constitutional principles.

According to the amicus brief, the 6th Circuit rejects Supreme Court Commerce Clause precedents and replaces Supreme Court precedent with a new test which lowers the bar for discrimination.

The 6th Circuit’s new legal test, by overturning years of Supreme Court Commerce Clause precedent, leaves the legal system in chaos.

If the Supreme Court does not hear this case, it is allowing clear precedent to make way for legal chaos!

More to follow in a subsequent post!