Irish Liquor Lawyer, was named to the VinePair 50 today. The VinePair 50 represents people from all walks of life in the industry from mixologists, brand owners, to yes even lawyers. It is gratifying to be recognized by such a great publication in the liquor industry and to be the only lawyer named to the list.

It is especially gratifying that being named to the list occurs 5 years and one week to the day I was fired by the State of Illinois for participating in an investigation around alleged corruption at the state liquor commission. They put a mountain in front of me that day and although it seemed insurmountable at the time, I have made my climb, although I haven’t peaked that mountain yet, I am striving for it everyday.

VinePair states that “this is a list to recognize the achievements, innovations, and general greatness of people who truly deserve it.” However, I don’t make this list without the help and counsel of many others. Including but not limited to my wife and son, Richard Blau, Tom Wark, John Hinman, and Tom Murphy.

My climb up the mountain does not begin without them and I am truly grateful for their support. And truly grateful to work with innovators like Steven Harrison, Matthew Shaddonix, and John Wilson.

Also, today is my milestone 75th time being in liquor media since I began my practice.

Thanks to all my followers on Irish Liquor Lawyer, I look forward to another not boring year, let’s stir up the liquor world!