Tom Terrific’s 300th Victory

Irish Liquor Lawyer pays tribute to baseball great and wine maker Tom Seaver. Although he is a Met great and their best, I will always remember him for winning his 300th game with the White Sox and beating the Cubs with the Miracle Mets in 1969.

Further, Mr. Seaver was a wine maker. Before the days of celebrity wines, he was heavily invested in cultivating great quality wines and actively took part in day to day operations of his vineyards. Like his baseball, his wines were excellent quality. The first vintage tasted by Wine Spectator, in 2008, scored 97 points.

I can tell you from his days playing in Chicago that Tom Seaver was a class act and someone everyone looked up to. Although I had the Tom Seaver White Sox growth chart as a kid, I never measured up to Tom Terrific. Our prayers to his wife and family.

Tom Terrific was one of a kind!