The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has devastated the wine industry and forced many to close their tasting rooms. One winery indicated that closing their tasting room has lead to losing 80% of their revenue.

Wine shipping is the only source of revenue left for some of these wineries. And this revenue source may allow them get through a tough time and even help them survive.

I recommend people go online and help these small wineries in this tough business environment.

Although I can’t mention every place to buy wine, there are a couple of websites that I really like.

If you are an alumni of certain colleges, they may have an alumni wine collection. Check out VinoShipper. It is fun and you may pick up your favorite colleges wine. And if it is not there, go demand it from your univeristy. As long as you pay alumni dues, they will listen.

The other site I like is Scout & Cellar, they pride themselves on having a healthy wine that significantly decreases the impurities. The clean crafted wine is amazing.

But I recommend you go on-line and search for your favorite wine.

And for someone doing it for the first time, have fun and discover.

If we start a movement, it maybe enough to save some wineries!