I ask for one more favor for cocktails-to-go


When I started working with Cocktails-For-Hope three months ago, I could not imagine the tremendous and positive impact we would have on the Illinois hospitality industry.

We changed the law and made in possible for many bars and restaurants to access the income stream necessary to survive.

But we have one more step to achieving ultimate success, Chicago is going to vote on an ordinance which would allow cocktails-to-go, and it would mirror the state law. If it passes the City Council, Chicago bars and restaurants would enjoy this benefit, which will help them navigate during this difficult time.

Since this ordinance needs 2/3rds support to become implemented immediately, we need your support.

I personally want to ask people for one small favor. Get to your keyboard or pick up your phone and contact your ward office. If you are in Chicago type in your address, https://www.illinoispolicy.org/maps/chicago-alderman/

We all have family or friends in the hospitality industry, take a moment out of your day and help them. You may think your efforts are small, but believe me, they will resonate in the most positive of ways.

Have a great day and thanks for your support!