Earlier today the Supreme Court posted on their website that they granted to Cert to hear the Byrd v. Tennessee Wine & Spirits Retailers case. This case has huge implications on the liquor as the Supreme Court could be deciding whether Granholm extends to retailers or whether it is limited to manufacturers.

Even though two other sources, one from the distributor side and another from the retailer side, both confirmed that they saw the Supreme Court granted Cert on this, the link evidencing this was taken down by the Supreme Court. https://www.supremecourt.gov/orders/courtorders/092718zr_p860.pdf

Irish Liquor Lawyer just called the Supreme Court clerk’s office and they will not verify official cert until Monday. Bizarre.

But I didn’t quit and found a way to get the evidence that in fact, the Supreme Court granted Cert.

Here is the link of the Order, as shown on the second page, Cert had been granted to Byrd.


More to come on this case. Crazy day but liquor never sleeps.

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