Right Cuomo’s wrong and clean up his mess

Andrew Cuomo left a mess for new Governor Kathy Hochul. In many areas the cleanup will become very difficult. However, there is one area where a quick fix is readily available, that area is helping the struggling hospitality industry.

In Cuomo’s last days, he let the Executive Order expire that permitted cocktails-to-go for bars and restaurants. Instead, he felt it was more important to commute the sentences of four convicted murderers! 

It’s a sorry state of affairs when convicted murderers get treated better than the hospitality industry.

But Governor Hochul must change course and see the problem for what it is.

With the Delta variant on the rise and new restrictions coming back, the hospitality industry is getting hurt. Coming out of economic hibernation, bars and restaurants enjoyed a small period of prosperity, which did not make up for their lost revenues during COVID.

But with new restrictions due to the Delta variant and the weather about to turn colder, they are facing another round of a major revenue hit! Cocktails-to-go revenue will be the difference between survival or dying for many small businesses.

Governor Hochul has a choice to make early on, either help those in dire need or allow Cuomo’s mess to fester a little longer!