When alcohol can make you feel good

Alcohol has many effects on the body, we all know that alcohol triggers the release of endorphins which produces feelings of pleasure.

In addition to releasing endorphins and creating pleasure, alcohol can also make the soul feel good. Especially when alcohol is produced to support a great cause, and especially when people buy alcohol to patronize a great cause.

A prime example of an alcoholic product that is good for the soul is Birra Nursia.

Birra Nursia is a beer brewed by Monks from Norcia, Italy. Norcia is the birthplace of Saint Benedict and monks follow his Benedictine traditions set down centuries ago.

Tragically, in 2016 the region where Norcia is located suffered a great catastrophe. A 6.6 magnitude earthquake rocked the region and damaged the Basilica of San Benedetto that had been standing since the 14th Century. It is miraculous that the Basilica survived as many homes in town became uninhabitable. But the earthquake did not spare the Monks, as their centuries old monastery was damaged and needed rebuilding.

To support themselves and to rebuild, the Monks brew Birra Nursia. The beer’s popularity in Europe inspired the Monks to bring it to America.

American consumers can do their part to help the Monks and purchase Birra Nursia.

This beer is not only about the Monks, but about the people from the Italian region of Umbria. Many people in the region’s houses were destroyed and inhabitable. The Monks by rebuilding want to inspire the community around them to rebuild their own homes and lives.

Unfortunately, tragedy is part of life, and many people because of COVID have lived through tragedy.

What makes me feel good about Birra Nursia is people can contribute to helping the Monks and the community around them come back from tragedy.

My wish is this beer catches fire in the U.S., and becomes more readily available.

The Good Monks are rebuilding and inspiring those around them. Providing people hope during a difficult time, that is good for the soul.

But know what else is good for the soul, enjoying a great Birra Nursia. With every taste, you are rebuilding a community and contributing to a great and noble centuries old tradition.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, watch the video on the website it is awe inspiring!