Irish Liquor Lawyer now trade-marked! Brendan is confused yet still excited

Today, I want to thank the readers of my blog, who have supported this blog and made it what it is today. I aim to provide a high-quality product and a unique analysis that can’t be replicated anywhere else.
On May 19, 2018, I posted my first blog post “Proposed Illinois Liquor Legislation”. Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine how this blog would take off.  As I look at my data, I see that we have readers on every continent in the world. Well except one, I clearly need to pick up my game in Antarctica!
My subscribers range from distilleries to retailers to supplier to wholesalers to data analytics companies.  I have subscribers from Paris to South Carolina to California and many other beautiful places.
The compliments from the public really make my day, and the compliments have come as far away as New Zealand.
And thank you to my sources that provide me information before it gets widely disseminated to the public. I enjoy it when people find out breaking news on legal developments through
I would be remiss if I didn’t thank certain lawyers from California, Florida, and Illinois who have been great supporters of mine. Without their help and direction, life would be harder.
Finally, I want to thank the best wife in the world who always reads my blog post before they go public and gives final approval, and to my son Brendan, who always seems to remain calm when I really need to write!
I hope 2019 brings all of you great prosperity and health. And again thank you for supporting my blog!