The Supreme Court meets again, will it be different this time?

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The Supreme Court meets again, will it be different this time?

On October 8th, the Supreme Court will hold a conference to discuss whether to grant cert in Sarasota Wine Market LLC v. Schmitt. The petitioners challenged the 8th Circuit’s ruling, which upheld Missouri’s discriminatory wine retailer shipping law. Under the Missouri law, in-state […]

Illinois wine retailer shipping case dismissed

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Lebamoff v. O’Connell was dismissed yesterday as the plaintiff is no longer involved in the case based on a business transaction.

This case is the story of pathetic case management and a 94 year-old judge that dragged things on.

We thought this case was set for trial back in April and the date kept getting moved.

By the […]

New Judge in Illinois wine retailer shipping case

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Judge John Lee replaces Judge William Hart in the Lebamoff v. O’Connell case.

It has been an interesting turn of events as this case has been delayed several times.

Judge Hart is 92 years and has been a senior judge since 1996.

I am hoping with Judge Lee there won’t be as many delays for the trial.

Challenging the 8th Circuit’s remaking of the Commerce Clause

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In my amicus brief to the United States Supreme Court, I attacked the Eighth Circuit’s analysis in Sarasota Wine Market, which upheld a discriminatory state liquor law, because the law protected an essential element of the three-tier system and hence was precluded from a Commerce Clause challenge. I will […]

Irish Liquor Lawyer writes U.S. Supreme Court Amicus Brief

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Irish Liquor Lawyer writes an amicus brief in support of the National Association of Wine Retailer’s position that the Supreme Court should grant cert in Sarasota Wine Market v. Schmitt, an Eighth Circuit decision which upheld a lower court decision affirming Missouri’s discriminatory wine shipping law as Constitutional.

The Eighth Circuit held that because Missouri’s law […]

Please support the Illinois Restaurant Act

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This bill creates the Illinois Restaurant Revitalization Fund, a fund in the amount of $20,000,000. This fund will award restaurant revitalization grants to struggling businesses. These include businesses that have not received PPP funding from the federal government and are not publicly traded companies. The money will be used to rehire and […]

Congrats to Julia Momose the Best Hospitality Industry Advocate in Illinois

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Congrats to Julia Momose for being named the Best Industry Advocate with her work with Cocktails for Hope.

I am glad to be associated with her and being mentioned in this article with her and our great partner Ian Beacraft.

We have a great leader and look forward to making cocktails-to-go permanent


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